Safety/Training Topics

Police Report

A MUST for any cyclist hit by another vehicle.  A TRAFFIC CRASH REPORT, (Link)  is mandatory for a crash between a bicyclist and a motorist involving bodily injury, death or damage to any vehicle, bicycle or other property of at least $500

Posted by Chris Burns Esq. in Florida Bicycle Laws, on Wednesday, May 18, 2016.

Cycling Accidents

Please complete this Bicycle Injury Accident Report.  It allows The Village Bicycle Club and The Sumter Landing Bicycle Club to document the accident for future prevention.  (Link)

Safety Topics

Overlapping Wheels: This video indicates why cyclists should never overlap the wheel of the rider in front of your bike.  You and several others behind you will most likely crash. (Link)

General Safety Issues:  See (Link), provided by E-BikeKit

Are Helmets Worth It?: See (Link), provided by Dansker & Aspromonte Associates

Training Exercises

Group Riding Manual: Published by the League of American Bicyclist, see (Link)

Parking Lot Drills: Published by the League of American Bicyclist, see (Link)

Misc. Drills: see (Link)

Gate Malfunction Report

If you discover a malfunctioning entrance or exit gate, please use this form and forward to the appropriate officials.  (Link)  Presently the link is not working and will be repaired.